Understanding your electricity bill. Your electricity bill

Understanding your electricity bill. Your electricity bill


This is basically the price of delivering electricity from creating channels over the province to your residence or company through high voltage (transmission) and low voltage (circulation) energy lines.

The Ontario Energy Board sets delivery prices for electricity resources into the province. A few of the distribution fees are “fixed,” meaning the exact same quantity no matter simply how much electricity you utilize in every month. Other fees differ based on exactly exactly just how electricity that is much utilize.

Why distribution prices differ

You may notice that delivery rates vary if you compare utility bills in different parts of the province. These differences will be the total results of:

  • The condition and age of each and every utility’s equipment
  • the dimensions of the energy solution area
  • Client thickness, and location of clients in accordance with each other
  • The amount of domestic customers set alongside the quantity of companies and customers that are industrial
  • The geographical location of clients additionally the complexity of keeping circulation gear inside the area. As an example, it could be more pricey to keep up gear much more rural or cottage areas as a result of the landscapes.

Regulatory Fees

The following fees are grouped together beneath the line product called Regulatory Charges:

The Wholesale Market Service Charge includes the price of solutions given by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) to use the wholesale electricity market and continue maintaining the dependability associated with high voltage energy grid. It covers specific expenses incurred by regional utilities to get in touch renewable generation. Even though Ontario Energy Board sets the wholesale market solution charge, we try not to set or accept all the expenses which can be recovered throughout that cost. Here are far more details about what’s within the wholesale market solution cost:

Quantities which are NOT set or authorized by the Ontario Energy Board:

  • Physical restrictions and losings: whenever electricity is delivered over transmission lines – from generators to your high-voltage transformers – its normal for the little number of energy become lost as temperature.
  • Energy Reliability: often the total amount between generation and need is suffering from an unanticipated occasion, such as for instance gear failure or even a surge sought after. The IESO acquisitions reserve electricity that’s available on quick notice to bring back the total amount.

Quantities which can be approved or set because of the Ontario Energy Board:

  • IESO management Fee: The IESO charges a fee that is administrative handle the high voltage energy system and run the wholesale electricity market in Ontario. The cost additionally covers the expense pertaining to preparation for generation, need management, transmission and conservation within the province. This charge will not protect the agreement re payments built to generators or prices for the distribution of preservation and need management programs. Prices for agreements and preservation programs are contained in the adjustment that is global are mirrored into the Electricity line of your bill.
  • Rural and visit web-site Remote Electricity Rate Protection (RRRP): This cost is gathered because of the IESO to cover electricity that is certain whom offer electricity solution in rural and remote areas. It can help to offset the more expensive of supplying solution to customers in those areas.
  • Renewable Connections: a number of the expenses incurred by a software application to get in touch generation that is renewable ( ag e.g. solar, wind) may be restored from customers through the entire province.

Standard provide Service Charge: besides the market that is wholesale cost, these Regulatory fees likewise incorporate a regular provide provider Charge. You pay an administrative fee to the utility to cover these costs if you purchase electricity directly from your local utility. This cost is the identical for many resources when you look at the province. This charge is set by the Ontario Energy Board.

Ontario Electricity Rebate

The Ontario federal federal federal government has added an expanded rebate that may offer bill relief on consumer bills. To learn more, go to the Ontario federal government web site.

Determine your electricity bill

Make use of our bill calculator to calculate your month-to-month electricity bill. You’ll be able to compare your current bill by having a agreement offer from a power store.

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