The Sahara Is ClosingСЋ Since Culinary Union agreements need 60 time advance notice of home closure/termination

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The Sahara Is ClosingСЋ Since Culinary Union agreements need 60 time advance notice of home closure/termination

We have been rumblings that are hearing Las vegas, nevada pr networks that the statement in regards to the future regarding the Sahara would be released towards the press the next day early morning,

The statement, once we deduced a couple of weeks ago, is the fact that home will soon be closed and place into mothballs until SBE activity seems that the renovation makes economic feeling or they elect to offer.

Since Culinary Union agreements need 60 time advance notice of home closure/termination, we are able to peg the date that is earliest for closing of Sahara to occur on or about the fifteenth of might 2011, closing 59 many years of famous fun times.

Sahara Las Vegas, Nevada


Comments & Discussion:

Crazy, but the majority likely, necessary. It is a little sad to see items of Las Vegas history get, but at precisely the same time, there is nevertheless an excessive amount of supply. In the event that sub-par properties need to head to help in keeping one other people alive, then therefore be it. Vegas are going to be more powerful into the long term for it.

Can there be some other place I am able to get my 6 pound burrito fix?

And very quickly nature will overtake it, making the renovations therefore it so poorly requires.

NO . three things we liked concerning the Sahara. 1. it really is legacy 2. Speed the ride 3. closest monorail end towards Downtown, to have a cab.

we totally agree two associated with three (do not look after the coaster). Sad, too, that we remained during the Sahara during our vacation in 2005. It absolutely was somewhat aged during the time, nevertheless the economy had been booming and then we difficultn’y noticed. I am certain individuals far nearer to the problem I can’t help but think that the loss of the Stardust, Slots of Fun and Westward Ho completely isolated Sahara and Stratosphere and hung them both out to dry than I know better, but.

This sets the Strat a lot more on an area.

We stayed within the north Strip area many times when you look at the belated 90s and don’t forget the great blackjack games that had been offered at the Riv, the Ho, and Circus Circus. Also then, i believe i would’ve managed to make it to your Sahara as soon as. I do not think i am as much as that certain area in near 10 years.

At exactly exactly what point will the Strip end at Encore? needless to say, this Sternlicht moved along in the approval process to purchase the Riv, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens there, although doesn’t look like it’ll be anytime soon week.

That is pretty unfortunate. Feel harmful to everybody else getting slips that are pink. Question they could all get a working work at Hyde Lounge Bellagio.

This actually upsets me personally. I’ll need to make an “emergency” trip to begin to see the property once more.

Will likely need certainly to visit when it comes to very very first and time that is last I get at the beginning of might. unfortunate to start to see the end of a period.

Over/under on time until brand new strip casino employs “Old Las Las Las Vegas” as theme?

Extremely news that is sad. but, actually, if it absolutely was my cash on the line it is most likely the thing I’d do. The technical systems on that entire property need to got be so out of date it costs just to keep the cooled/heated (do you ever heat air in LV?) air flowing that I can’t imagine what. Plus ancient, legacy, registration/reservation systems! Oh, and exactly just what within the global globe must the kitchen areas as well as other back-of-house areas must seem like. R.I.P. Sahara. it was good to learn you!

We remained into the north Strip area several times into the belated 90s and keep in mind the great blackjack games that were offered by the Riv, the Ho, and Circus Circus. Also then, i believe i would’ve managed to get towards the Sahara as soon as.

Same here. That end for the strip was rundown but it had been low priced and enjoyable. Nevertheless, the Sahara had not been also to my radar display screen. We have no recollection of investing any significant time here during the last two decades. It is an accident that is odd it survived this long, while dated but worthwhile places just like the Stardust and Frontier atrophied and passed away into the bubble.

The time that is last was at Las Las Vegas I wandered down seriously to the Sahara and stepped right right back taking photos associated with closed/unfinished/moldy properties as you go along. a few years back we went in and wondered why the area ended up being even available. i’m going back again to Las Las Vegas exactly the same week the area is closing and so I will wander down here again in order to stare during the old husk. Could be the Riviera next?

Wow, speak about mismanagement. What sort of genius purchases a gambling establishment to stay about it for 2 years and then shut it? Had been it a dump?, yeah, nevertheless the owner let it get that means. Shame pity pity.

That is a pity. perhaps perhaps Not almost the shame of Stardust being torn down for pie-in-the-sky Echelon Kentucky quick cash locations, but a pity nevertheless. Imagine the monorail didn’t do squat for company.

Strat’s current renovation appears smarter and smarter. Hope they could get Sahara’s clientele. It really is an area but so might be all of those other offstrip accommodations.

Really, Las Vegas is diminishing one resort at any given time. Like some body above said, it is just a matter of the time ahead of the strip comes to an end at Encore. Circus Circus and Riv are we now have kept regarding the north strip that is sleazy. Oh well. We nevertheless love Vegas and every thing inside it. We liked the Sahara though, the dankness that is pure of spot simply applied me personally in most the best spots. $1 beers $1 blackjack. sniff:

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