Otaku dating application. its the fic wherein fundy gets break then gets to go to hermitcraft!! a person dont must discover something up to hc to read that it be sure to

Otaku dating application. its the fic wherein fundy gets break then gets to go to hermitcraft!! a person dont must discover something up to hc to read that it be sure to

Little April Fool’s jokes this year. Really the fool.

is christie brinkley still dating john mellencamp

New year, same existing fool.<

its a fic where fundy gets break plus gets inside visit hermitcraft!! we dont need to see anything up to hc towards study this please

Anonymous expected:

I am the best Slut for the option where somebody informs Tommy to toss straight down an item and he just begins handing through everything,, may perhaps I have. a lot more? the composing looks fucking awesome

redorich answered:

Tommy’s come a long way, and yet advance isn’t linear. Provided this person had been their variety of individual inside give a shit regarding mathematics, he’d say it is really closer to per sine wave. Ups to downs, crests plus troughs. He’s grateful for the his buddies, even though– it is thanks to consumers in which his crests are really a bit increasing every time period this person strikes consumers, as well as his troughs aren’t because deep while these people were previous.

This particular belief is challenged by the unfortunate selection of terms upon Zedaph’s component. That poor man couldn’t have understood. Zedaph invites some men and women– False, Xisuma, and Tommy– more than in order to testing some inane production to his. That it involves a very imaginative utilization of bubble columns as well as dead coral plus an automated amount loader. Tommy tunes out the second he hears the word comparator being bandied about.

This person tunes right back in towards Zedaph asking the cluster to take off his or her armor. Tommy knows, intellectually, your hermits are his family and friends inside one method fancy wasn’t, which what ideal did escort Little Rock to him was incorrect. Nevertheless, this person cannot help however fall right back on old behavior. Your group of hermits watches bemusedly like Tommy digs the best opening. That they wonder what type of bit he’s pulling when he tosses his armor at.

Zedaph gasps when Tommy tosses his equipment in, all the at after realizing what’s taking place. Zedaph hadn’t been around once Tommy did equivalent option in front of Tango, still he’s quick enough to seize Tommy’s wrist earlier this person gets the opportunity to destination each TNT. The two guys tend to be at a decrease of phrase; Xisuma and False are exclusive really nowadays buying the experiencing that one thing is incorrect right here.

Anonymous asked:

fics whenever tommy goes inside hermitcraft to heal are unrealistic due tommy would definitely instantly buy killed by just scar of killing prison jellie

limelocked responded:

death for the crimes opposing kitties, jellie specifically

ivi-prism requested:

Forget all hc x dsmp au’s.

Sole legitimate au try Quackity searching for the best cybernetic eye he can bring as well as definitely in which takes him towards Hermitcraft пїј

quaranmine responded:

/rp I enjoy it! Quackity stumbles in to Hermitcraft including, “known that a few of you’re skilled in cybernetics. Are you able to help in me personally?” as well as of course, many everyone at hermitcraft are known to have actually cybernetics. No one asks him the way this person lost his eyes–they may be able tell there’s a story around to it is perhaps not a great a person. In addition to, their hermits discover something or a couple concerning traumatic backstories by themselves.

Hasn’t Quackity already been gone for the whilst in canon before returning recently? So next he was among hermits. To does not his mysterious future lore supposedly have actually whatever to do at Las vegas/gambling? Because the some of the hermits have a track record of wagering.

Nowadays I just want to draw your cybernetic Quackity design!

amanda-519 expected:

Do you think Hermit!Tommy would definitely ever heal sufficient through the injury he encountered in order to make jokes more than? Love maybe even though Dream try recovery among him to hermitcraft he’s kinda walking on eggshells about Tommy bc of his shame. And Tommy decides in order to joke near more than his duration in logsted, in order to establish that he does not blame dream for just what happened, which it is ok to speak about it.

redorich responded:

fantasy: can you please get out to our dwelling, i’m attempting to decorate

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