Click the word medium and also the movie will arrive all you have doing is push play

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Click the word medium and also the movie will arrive all you have doing is push play

Little City Slicker

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Rainbow L m

Awesome Music Movie

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This may be a video me and my friend made to the song “Marry Me” by Bruno Mars. We simply had enjoyable making small dances to various chapters of the song.

We just kept changing locations and outfits to make it more interesting when we were making the video! Guess which one is me( When we were younger we pretended become twins therefore luck that is g d. )


I think every person should discuss sch l uniforms. Not totally all sch ls have them if a sch l does, do you know what I’m speaking about! Yes it’s more straightforward to pick away an outfit each day but really that is not half as fun. You can’t be innovative and showcase that which you like and don’t like. For example, within my sch l we need to wear a pleated dress, a collared escort service Elizabeth top, AND a blazer. On this, which I hope you are, we really have to start spreading the word if you’re with me! clearly the sch ls take action to help make the pupils l k appropriate, but the sch ls could set recommendations for just what we’re wearing therefore we don’t wear something that appears sloppy. Like that we won’t need to wear uniforms so we will l k fine therefore everybody can get their method


Final night I went 2 the REVOLUTION Soccer Game . We went with my mother, my brother, and their friend. After having a car ride of all of the nation music (inconvenient) which appeared like forever , we finally reached Gillette Stadium. We parked the car in VIP 5 lot and went upstairs to find our seats when we got there. We chose to eat some supper quickly. We knew it he got a GOAL when we finally got to our seats everybody was cheering”Go Diego go” and before. At half time we got some M&Ms and enjoyed the half time show “the band”. If the game was over we had been gonna our automobile and walked right into where in fact the players parked here automobiles. So they asked us to leave that great deal (it absolutely was just an accident.) It was an incredible REVS game.


On Wednesday night directly from M.I.T. camp we visited my grandmother’s house to see the game. Many of us where therefore happy to simply see the first objective, so when the Bruins won we were ecstatic.

Then on Saturday we could hear screaming all over because our house is regarding the parade path. Whenever we saw the Bruins get on the Duck Boats on our television we went outside to see them. It absolutely was therefore much fun.

final day’s college.

It’s my final day of college. Well technically it absolutely was because today is just when people get prizes like Citizenship award, Public Speaking award, Written English award, Prima (smartest),and Seconda (second smartest) yesterday. We won Prima, a reward! My best friend won Seconda. We reached go up together to get our rewards. Pretty c l!

Now there’s no more homework, simply summer reading which can be reading 5 publications, pretty irritating………….but it is much better than research.

And after award time my grade goes to Larz Anderson for the end of the season celebration. We play capture the banner, consume a lot of unhealthy f ds, and relax. Well hello…….SUMMER .

The Crazy Drive

Last evening after soccer practice I’d to bring my friend house. We surely got to drive in a fresh convertible and we also got to place the top down. After a of rain, we t k advantage of that week. Therefore through the Teddy Ebersol Red Sox Field to your Ritz Towers we sang at the top of our lung area with wind blowing within our face “California Girls” by Katy Perry and everybody was staring at us nonetheless it had been a blast anyway. And everybody thought we were either adorable or weird! That has been our crazy drive.

mention a skirt.

Final week me personally and my mom were shopping on Newbury St. and I saw this shop and asked my mom if we could get in. So then we went into the shop also it had females and girls’ garments. That they had just opened that exact day. It’s called “Callililai”.

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