5 Laws of Creation

By 22 Settembre 2022Senza categoria

The 5 Universal Laws are the fundamental laws that create and construct our reality. Understanding these laws can bring a lot of benefit and comfort during your work as a conscious creator. I hope you enjoy learning as much as I do about them! Here, spiritual author Shannon Kaiser and social worker Vasavi Kumar, LMSW, MSEd, share their views on why these laws are important and how we can all put them into practice. And that`s it: the 12 universal laws. Before you get overwhelmed, integrating into your life is more about understanding and conceptualizing them in a way that makes sense to you. Kumar notes that it doesn`t have to be so analytical; “Understand the concept and keep it on the back burner,” she says to learn how to work with them in everyday scenarios. Laws are often associated with Ho`oponopono, a meditation for freedom that has its origins in ancient Hawaiian culture. However, some of the laws are also attributed to hermetic philosophy, which dates back to ancient Egypt. We experience our consciousness through a created filter of time and space. However, this filter is simply one of our creations that allows us to experience expansion in a linear way. The list of ancient laws has stood the test of time, as the two emperors, Kumar and many others in the world still work with it today. “All laws are about mastering life with love and joy,” Kaiser explains.

Now that you have been introduced to these laws, there is a good chance that they will continue to appear in your life. That`s right – the law of attraction is just one of the 12 universal laws, and getting acquainted with the other 11 can help us open a more spiritually oriented life. The laws of physics are actually the whole process of consciousness in motion. When we apply these laws, we begin to see that we can create everything in the same way that nature creates a forest, a star, or a human body. It is in the same way that we bring the manifestation of our desires. Over the next five weeks, I will introduce you to the five fundamental laws that constitute the essence of creation. You will be able to apply them in your own life and see immediate results. I will show my readers the theme “Intending to Declare Technology of Detachment” and link it to each of the five fundamental laws. I look forward to hearing from you how this affects the lives of readers who initiate the five guidelines into their daily lives. I can tell you that a few days after the beginning of this process, you will begin to see synchronicity, your desires starting to manifest themselves by following the guidelines or laws that we are going to talk about. The universe is nothing more than the self that curves into itself to experience itself as spirit, spirit, and matter. Consciousness in motion expresses itself as the matter of the universe – our life situations.

The source of all creation is the Spirit. The process of creation is the mind or our thoughts, where the object of our creation is the physical. The three components are mind, spirit and body. They are all initiated from the realm of pure potentiality, which is not manifest. The 12 universal laws are considered intrinsic and immutable laws of our universe that ancient cultures have always known intuitively. It is important to emphasize that even if all these things are present, we will remain dissatisfied if we do not nourish the seeds of our spirit. We must search inwardly for answers to achieve a joyful life. Truly successful individuals expect the miraculous to be an integral part of their existence. To work with this law in a way that attracts (or compensates) for love and support, Kaiser suggests that you ask yourself, “Where am I called today to serve and support others?” The practice of this law is to slow down, to be silent and to create space for inner guidance. When we let go of our need to organize and control how things will turn out, and instead are open to all possibilities, it creates space for new ways to achieve goals that we might not have envisioned otherwise.

When everything changes and changes are inevitable, you might as well go with the flow and enjoy the journey. When knowledge is intertwined with consciousness, it gives the ability to create infinite wealth with effortless ease. It allows the individual to experience success in every business. But what is success really? Laws and principles are essentially how non-manifestation becomes. This is the process by which the observer becomes the observed. The seer becomes the backdrop through which the dream becomes our reality. Our physical body, the physical universe – everything and everything we can perceive – is the transformation of the unmanifested from the invisible into the known, into the visible. If you feel the need to increase your frequency (good mood, anyone?), there are many good practices to do so, including yoga, sound bathing, and chakra work. The first and most fundamental law of the universe is the law of divine unity, which emphasizes the interconnection of all things. He says that beyond our senses, every thought, every action, and every event is connected in one way or another to everything and everyone else.

She recommends applying this law by asking questions such as, “How can I show more compassion and acceptance to those I don`t understand?” or “What would I like to do?” So you might as well get used to changing creation forever.